Tradaptation of Dramatic Texts

AWEJ for translation & Literary Studies Volume, 1 Number 4, October 2017                                    Pp. 176 -188

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Tradaptation of Dramatic Texts


 Bechir Saoudi
English Department, College of Sciences and Humanities
Hotat Bani Tamim, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University
Riyad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



This article deals with the feasibility of applying cultural translation studies approaches to intra-lingual adaptation of dramatic texts through the discussion of adaptation terminology, the interchangeability of adaptation and translation, and the relevance of combining both into “tradaptation”. The purpose is to study loose adaptations of dramatic texts, especially those of Shakespeare, following cultural translation studies principles. The study has shown that it is satisfactorily feasible to use inter-lingual translation principles, across the spectrum from strictly literal to loose free, and apply them to the intra-lingual adaptation of dramatic texts, with the example of The Al-Hamlet Summit as a main reference. Further studies can help attain substantial progress in the analysis of the concept of adaptation.
Keywords: adaptation, drama, intra-lingual translation, Shakespeare, tradaptation

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