• Please read the Manuscript Guidelines for AWEJ for Translation and Literary Studies(AWEJTLS) on our website.
  • AWEJTLS follows APA style; APA is an international style that should be followed rigorously.The value and status of a journal is dependent, among other things, on its adherence to the documentation style it chooses to use. Hence, we MUST make sure that papers use APA style and should make the necessary changes before publication.
  1. You should regard a submitted manuscript as a confidential document and not meant to be public, and so should not use, share or disclose unpublished information in a manuscript
  • If you are unable to review a paper please let us know immediately by e-mail to the editor. If possible, tell us about a colleague with similar expertise to carry out the review.
  • Type your specific comments to the author by using track changes in addition to filling out the reviewer’s form.
  • Be honest and courteous. If you disagree with the author’s opinion In the final analysis, the editor will consider your comments carefully and make a final decision. The main aim of peer review is to improve the standards of what we publish.
  • You are kindly asked to do any checking of the matching of references between text and list, and correcting incorrectly cited references.
  • You will be asked to review submissions from authors whose native language is not English; in those cases, it will also be important for you to distinguish between the quality of the writing and the quality of the ideas that the writing conveys. These may be good even if they are not expressed well, so we appreciate the correction of grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Reviews should be completed expeditiously, within two weeks. If you know that you cannot finish the review within the time specified, please inform the editor.
  • It is suggested to be specific if you have any suggestions, your advices should be in the form of specific comments, reactions, and suggestions. The more specific you can be, the more helpful your review.
  • The journal is published by a team of volunteer editors and reviewers
  • For more details, please read the Peer Review /Responsibility for the Reviewers: