AWEJ for translation & Literary Studies volume, 1 Number 1, February 2017                                Pp.  213- 221

The Unit of Translation

Asim Ismail Ilyas Al-Titinchy

Faculty of Language Studies
English Programme
Arab Open University, Amman, Jordan



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This paper tackles the topic of the Unit of Translation (UT) with the aim of making a number of suggestions that might bring up new insights into this thorny issue. UT has been differently tackled by scholars and related to general text types, or functions. In this paper, UT is related to the micro text levels and a number of text-functions. It concludes that the UT issue cannot be tackled in terms of wide generalizations of macro text types and that many practical factors interfere in the choice of UT such as text length, text complexity, time pressure, translator’s experience, and degree of conformity between SL & TL languages and cultures.

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Ilyas Al-Titinchy A.I. (2017).  The Unit of Translation. Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies1(1).

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Asim Ismail Ilyas got his Ph.D. in Linguistics and Translation from St. Andrews in 1981.
Currently, he teaches at the Arab Open University, Amman, Jordan. His research interests
include Translation, Sociolinguistics, Semantics/Pragmatics, and Discourse Analysis.