AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, Volume 8, Number 1. February 2024 Pp. 216-226

The Relationship between Modern Theatre and Society According to Henrik Ibsen’s Plays: Rosmersholm, The Wild Duck, and A Doll’s House

Department of English, College of Human Sciences
University of Diyala,  Diyala, Iraq

Corresponding Author: yousuf.en.hum@uodiyala.edu.iq

‎‏ Doaa Taher Matrood AL-dihaymawee

Department of Physiology, College of Medicine
Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University, Najaf, Iraq

College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


Henrik Ibsen is considered one of the greatest writers on society and its problems in the modern era, as his works deal with society in all its forms in a realistic way, in which he presents the motives and consequences of social problems and their impact on society to study these problems through them to and propose solutions through theatre. Most of his writings were very serious about addressing these social issues. The method of collecting information in the study came through reviewing a group of sources related to realistic theater and social theory, then reading the plays covered in a critical and analytical reading. Based on that, the method of writing this study came and used a group of sources that directly relate to the subject. Thus, this study addresses the following questions 1) Does the theater have a human function? 2) Is there a direct relationship between modern theatre and society? The importance of this study is in dealing with social issues, which makes the aim of this study to analyze the impact of each of these concepts on society and what results from them. This study is an interpretation of these themes that Ibsen wanted to deal with in a literary way according to the Marxist theory as a literary theory. This study provides literary objectives and realistic study in realistic theatre based on the aforementioned theatrical works Rosmersholm (1886), The Wild Duck (1884), and A Doll’s House (1879).

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Salman, Y. A.Y.,   AL-dihaymawee, D. T.M., & ‎‏Abd Ali, Z.A. (2024). The Relationship between Modern Theatre and Society According to Henrik Ibsen’s Plays: Rosmersholm, The Wild Duck, and A Doll’s House.  Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies 8 (1): 216-226


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Yousif Ali Yousif, an author and researcher, Assistant Lecturer in Department of English, College of Human Sciences, University of Diyala, interested in English literature. He has a collection of published books. Among them is “a comparative study in theatrical literature”, a book analyzing the most important works of Henrik Ibsen, a critical discourse “The Representation of Iraqi Refugees in BBC News Reports: A Critical Discourse Analysis” “Shared book” , and three literary books.
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Dr. Doaa Taher published thirteen papers in English literature, Critical discourse analysis, Pragmatics and stylistics. She also published five books so far. Two in Critical Discourse, “A Critical Discourse Analysis of Bush, Obama, and Trump’s Reaction toward USA Wars in Iraq” and “The Presentation of Iraqi Refugees in BBC News: A Critical Discourse Analysis”, translated into seven languages.  My third book is about “Semiotic study in selected Literary works,” and My fourth is about Poetry.
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Asst. Lect. Zahraa Abdulhasan, Master’s degree in English Literature, a PhD student in English Literature, Assistant Lecturer at the University of Baghdad, author and interested in English Literature.
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