AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, Volume 5, Number3.  August  2021                                Pp.17-26

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The East in the Western Perception: Orientalism in some selected Poems of Lord Byron 

Afaf Ahmed Hasan Al-Saidi
Department of English
College of Education
Aden University, Republic of Yemen


Received:  5/20/2021              Accepted:  7/23/2021             Published: 8/25/2021


Orientalism as a literary phenomenon has been recently focused on by different writers all over the world. Many of those who write about Orientalism have not the same understanding, and the divergences are reproduced due to different attitudes toward Orientalism. From various studies concerning Orientalism, there are apparent tributaries confronting the understanding of the concept of Orientalism from different perspectives. Edward Said is one of those who, according to what many Western and Eastern writers say, represent the negative attitude towards Orientalism, and tries only to make it appear ugly and offensive. Many writers, Arabs and non-Arabs, take, more or less, the same approach Said used towards the subject of Orientalism. Others have, to some extent, tried to give excuses for the writers, especially the Romantics, for the negative impression their writings reflected on the readers when going through what is supposed to be Oriental works.  Nigel Leask, Sari Makdisi, Emily Haddad, Martin Bright, Tripta Wahi and Naji Oueijan are the significant writers of this group. British orientalists did not use the right approach to look or write about the East. What irritates Said is that these orientalists did not pay attention to find any possibility by which they could bridge the gap between the European and Asiatic parts of the world. This paper tries to trace and to define Lord Byron’s type of Orientalism in some of his oriental works and his chief work Don Juan.
Keywords:  Don Juan, East, Lord Byron, Peppo, Romantics poetry, Orientalism, West,  Western perception,

Cite as:    Al-Saidi, A. A. H.  (2021). The East in the Western Perception: Orientalism in some selected Poems of Lord Byron.
Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies 5 (3) 17-26.


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Received: 5/20/2021 
Accepted: 7/23/2021
Published: 8/25/2021

Dr. Afaf Ahmed Hasan Al-Saidi. Associate professor of English Language and Literature in the Department of English. College of Education, Aden University. Yemen. Head, English Department (October 2002- April 2005). College of Education, Aden University. Head, English Department (March 2008- March 2010). College of Education, Aden University.  B.A. English Department, College of Education. Aden University, Yemen, 1990. M.A. English Department, College of Education. Aden University. (Higher Education Link with Hyderabad University-India.1993). Ph.D. Department of English Language and Literature, College of Arts. Cairo University,2001. Currently, an associate professor of English Language and Literature at King Khalid University. Abha, K.S.A.