AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, Volume 2, Number 2, May 2018                                   Pp. 219-226

The Concept of Equivalence in the Age of Translation Technology

Uliana, E.

Centre for Multidisciplinary & Intercultural Inquiry, Centre for Translation Studies
University College London, London, United Kingdom


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The activity of terminology management and the concept of equivalence offer different insights into the nature of meaning and how words in different languages correspond to each other. This paper analyses the challenges posed by high-end technology, particular the management of terminological data, in relation to the notion of equivalence. This paper argues that recent translation technology is in dialectic with current developments in translation theory, approaches which displace the notion of meaning in translation away from the idea of equivalence. In addition, the author suggests that if the concept of equivalence is to have any relevance in translation theory and practice today, a more encompassing approach needs to be embraced, one which considers a diversity of factors, both internal and external to language

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Uliana, E. (2018).  The Concept of Equivalence in the Age of Translation Technology. Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies, 2 (2).


Uliana, Elton is a Brazilian translator working with global marketing implementation and literary
translation. He is currently completing a master’s degree as a researcher in Translation Studies at
University College London. As a literary critic the author has written profusely on the work of
Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and José Saramago.