Special Issue on Literature and Medicine


Special Issue on Literature and Medicine

Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies(AWEJTLS) welcomes the submission of papers Special Issue on Literature and Medicine. We have the honor to announce that the guest editor for this issue is Dr. Shadi S. Neimneh from Hashemite University, Jordan. The issue publication date is November 2022. The deadline for the manuscript submissions is July 31, 2022.       

The relationship between humanities and sciences has been of special interest to critics of literature and culture. In particular, the nexus between literature and medicine has formed an intriguing subdiscipline of literary and cultural studies. Works by Thomas Mann, Leo Tolstoy, William Carlos Williams, William Faulkner, Albert Camus, J.M. Coetzee, Audre Lord, David Oshinsky, John Green, and Brian Fies as well as poems by Raymond Carver and John Updike (among many others) have provided a rich ground for literary and cultural explorations of medical knowledge and the adaptation of this knowledge for literary purposes. In addition, theoretical works by critics like Susan Sontag, Elaine Scarry, and Susannah Mintz are established texts on the metaphorical use of illnesses and the suffering body. This special issue invites the submission of relevant articles that engage (but are not limited to) one or more of the above figures or touch on any of the following dimensions:

  • How literary texts depict illness, trauma, and medical knowledge. This includes characters who suffer from manifest symptoms of certain diseases (like cancer) or physical disabilities. Comparative perspectives are welcome.
  • How literary texts depict psychiatric illnesses and mental disorders like madness, hysteria, depression, autism, etc. The works of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalytic theories are relevant to the theoretical framework.
  • Questions of language, storytelling, autobiography, and narrating illness. Memoirs and diaries are relevant and so is the problematic ability of language to represent pain.
  • Literature (fiction or non-fiction) written by doctors on some aspects of medical practice or profession.
  • Pain and suffering in literary texts and visual culture (film adaptations of literary works are relevant).
  • Social, political, and cultural reactions to diseases and pandemics.
  • The depiction of epidemics and plagues in literature, including COVID/SARS, cholera, TB, and polio.
  • Literature’s depiction of nursing practices and the ethics of care.
  • Patient-doctor relationship as depicted in literary and cultural texts.
  • The value of teaching literature to medical students and practitioners.
  • Literary accounts of illness and genre issues or literary theory perspectives.

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