Special issue on Current Trends in Arabic Translation

 Call for Papers

Special issue on Current Trends in Arabic Translation

Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies (AWEJTLS) welcomes the submission of papers for a Special Issue on Current Trends in Arabic Translation. We have the honor to announce that the guest editor for this issue is Professor Said M. Shiyab from Kent State University, United States. The issue publication date is January 2023. The deadline for the manuscript submissions is October 31, 2022.

The ongoing advancement in modern technology and the development of machine translation (MT) within and beyond the Middle East have been growing exponentially. Unlike any other activities, machine translation remains to be one of the current trends in Arabic Translation simply because Arabic translators are capable of relaying fiction and non-fictions literature into other languages using Google translate and other multilingual neural machine translation services. More than ever, Arabic translators have learned to use MT as a tool to enhance and expedite their work, but they are still concerned that MT can potentially replace them. Despite the advancement of technology, one cannot imagine the language and translation industry without human-aid Translation (HAT). To make sure that MT does not replace HAT, some Arabic translators have resorted to cross-training in technology tools as this may appear to be the only way to keep active and useful in the translation industry. Therefore, Arabic translators as well as academic programs are advised to pay more attention to these emerging trends.

Contributions to this Special Issue should focus on the following area but is not limited to:

  • Trends in Arabic Translation
  • Machine translation (MT)
  • Translation and technology
  • Cross-training
  • Computer-assisted Translation (CAT)
  • Common challenges and cultural differences
  • Reliability and the future of Google Arabic Translation
  • The Impact of Translation Technologies on the quality of Arabic Translation.
  • Legal Translation
  • Publishing houses and the quality of Arabic Translation.
  • The future of human translators
  • Subtitling films and videos.

For more information, visit the AWEJ for Translation and Literary Studies at https://awej-tls.org/   Before sending your paper, please read the Submission and Manuscript Guidelines for AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies. Please submit your paper online or send it as an attachment to: Info@awej.org