AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, Volume 8, Number 1. February 2024 Pp.207-215

In the Poem My Last Duchess the Duke Suffers from Personality Disorders

English Department
Faculty of Science and Art, Al-Baha University
in Almakhwah, Saudi Arabia


Personality disorders are characterized by thoughts and feelings about oneself and other people that have a significant adverse effect on an individual’s ability to operate in many facets of life. The study aims to give an account of conditions of personality disorders such as narcissism and avoidance. The significance of the study is that people need to have education about people who suffer from personality disorders, their behaviors, and their actions. The main objective of the study is to describe the effects of personality disorders, including those that are connected, and how they might be linked to actions and thoughts of homicide. The study used an analytical and descriptive method to provide an account of the conditions of personality disorders based on the Duke of My Last Duchess poem. According to the study’s findings, individuals who suffer from personality disorders are unable to control their haughtiness, conceit, and arrogance which leads them to commit crimes. The researcher recommends preventing and treating personality disorder conduct, as well as understanding the primary causes of symptoms.

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Ibrahim, A.M.A. (2024). In the Poem My Last Duchess the Duke Suffers from Personality Disorders.  Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies 8 (1): 207-215.


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Amal Mohammed Ali Ibrahim is an Assistant Prof. of English literature Studies at Al Baha University. She got her Ph.D. from the Sudan University of Science &Technology (SSUT) in 2013.Currently, she is teaching English Literature, especially poetry courses at Al Baha University. Since 2013, Dr. Amal has participated in a number of international courses and published some articles in outstanding journals and book proceedings. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6263-9921