AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies Volume, 2 Number 3.  August  2018                                          Pp. 1

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Team of This issue
 D. H. Lawrence, America, and Classic American Literature: A Relationship of Attraction, Disappointment, and Abhorrence
Taher Badinjki
 2- 12
 Bringing Literature to Life: Strategies for Supporting Arab and American Student Success in a First-Year Foundations Course
Gina Zanolini Morrison , Marcia Balester , Andreea Maierean & Megan Boone Valkenburg
 The Impact of John Locke’s Tabula Rasa and Kant’s faculty of intuition on the Poetry of Wordsworth, Coleridge and Keats: Implications and Applications
Walid Ali Zaiter
 31- 42
 The Use of Synonyms in Parliamentary Speeches in Jordan
Yousef Bader & Sohad Badarneh
 43- 67
 Representations of Family Relationships and Generational Conflicts in the Works of British Writers in Diaspora
Faten Adi & Mahmoud Al-Shetawi
 68- 84
 What Can a Translation Machine Do in Translating Abbreviations in Source Language Text into Target Language Text?
Abdul Muth’im
 Joyce’s Dubliners (1914) and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916): A Postcolonial Analysis
Samir Ferhi & Bouteldja Riche

102 -109

 The Ironic-Romantic Hero in Frazier’s Cold Mountain and Roth’s Nemesis
Souad Rahmouni
 110 -119


 French Regime’s ‘Francisation’ as a Paracolonial Policy: A Critical Study of Language, Identity and Assimilation in ‘French’ Morocco
Saad Boulahnane

120 -131

Intelligence Arabic
Authors: Julie C Manning and Elizabeth Kendall
Reviewer:  Samar Zahrawi
132 -133