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AWEJ for Translation & Literary y Studies Volume, 2. Number 3. August, 2018 PDF     Team of This issue    Editor:  Prof. Dr.  Khairi Al-Zubaidi Executive Director Arab Society of English Language Studies    Editorial Board Members  Dr.   Samar Zahrawi Middle Eastern Studies, Department of Foreign Languages, Sam Houston State University, Texas, U.S.A  Associate […]


AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies Volume, 2 Number 3.  August  2018                                          Pp. 1 For Full Issue Clike Here PDF Contents Article Titles & authors Pages Contents 1 Team of This issue  D. H. Lawrence, America, and Classic American Literature: A Relationship of Attraction, Disappointment, and Abhorrence Taher Badinjki  2- 12  Bringing Literature to Life: […]

Intelligence Arabic

AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, Volume 2, Number 3. August   2018         Pp. 132 -133 PDF   Book Review Intelligence Arabic     Authors: Julie C Manning and Elizabeth Kendall Book: Intelligence Arabic Publisher: Edinburgh University Press. Year of Publication: 2017 Place of Publication: Edinburgh, Unideted Kinkdom Reviewer:  Samar Zahrawi   Intelligence Arabic Intelligence Arabic […]