AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, Volume3, Number1. February 2019                                    Pp.22-34

  An Analytical Study of the Strategies Used in Translating Trump’s Tweets  into Arabi

Department of Translation Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences, UAE University
Al Ain, UAE


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It is increasingly interesting that one of the new focuses of translation studies is the translatability of the short posts on social media. Research in translating social media posts has recently received a greater attention among translation studies specialists. This paper looks firstly at Twitter as a growing social media networking and its language and, secondly, shedding some light on translation strategies used in translating English tweets into Arabic. Posts on Twitter, ‘tweets,’ by well-known figures are followed, translated, and reposted in other languages every day. Strategies used by Arab translators vary depending on the importance of the tweet as well as the ideology of the translator and the institutions they work for. This paper, therefore, investigates the translation strategies adopted by the Arab online news agencies, mentioned later, on their web pages in translating some tweets posted by the American President, Donald Trump in his first month of presidency. The analysis draws on Vinay and Darbelnet’s (1958/1995) model and Nida’s (1964) translation strategies.

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Zagood, M. Z (2019).   An Analytical Study of the Strategies Used in Translating Trump’s Tweets into Arabic. Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies, 3 (1) 22-34 .


Mohammed Zagood is an Assistant Prof. of Translation Studies at UAE University. He got his
PhD from Durham University in 2012. Currently, he is teaching translation and interpreting
courses at the UAEU. Since 2012, Dr. Zagood has participated in a number of international
conferences and published some articles in journals and conference proceedings. ORCID ID: