WEJ for translation & Literacy Studies Volume, 1 Number 3, August 2017                           Pp.62-77

A Pragma-stylistic Study of Hybrid Speech Acts in Selected Dramatic Texts

Riyadh Khalil Ibrahim

Department of English, College of Languages
University of Baghda, Iraq (Corresponding Author)

Khamail Ali Waheeb

Wasit Directorate of Education, Iraq


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The  study is intended to investigate the role of speech act theory (SAT) in understanding dramatic texts through using pragma-stylistic approach. It is also an attempt to examine the stylistic effects of using speech acts (SAs) and their implication in conveying the theme of the play and the intentions of the characters. Therefore, eight extracts are selected from Harold Pinter’s Plays : A Night Out and The Birthday party, to be the data of analysis. The analysis reveals that the interaction between stylistics and pragmatics is a vital tool for analyzing dramatic texts in terms of (SAT). SAs are grouped into systematic combination depending on the purpose of the speaker or the playwright. Direct of fit is the most decisive aspect of the combination of some hybrid speech acts. The pragma-stylistics analysis of hybrid (SAs) also reveals the importance of these speech acts in conveying the intended message of the dramatist through the contextual details offered about the characters and events. These details can secure a proper interpretation of the socio-psychological relationships between the characters and the audience of the play.

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Ibrahim, R.K., & Waheeb, K.  A. (2017). A Pragma-stylistic Study of Hybrid Speech Acts in Selected Dramatic Texts. Arab World English Journal for Translation & Literary Studies, 1(2).


Riyadh Khalil Ibrahim: is a professor of English language and linguistic. He is interested in the
fields of pragmatics, stylistics, semantics, and literary theory. He has been teaching English for
25 years to undergraduate and post-graduate students.

Khamail Ali Waheeb: is an MA holder in English language and linguistics. She is currently
working at Wasit Directorate of Education in Iraq.