AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies Volume, 3 Number 4. October 2019          Pp. 1


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 Investigating Social Class Inequality in Malcolm Bradbury’s Eating People Is Wrong
Noureddine Friji
Strategies of Desire in Nejoud Al-Yagout’s Poetry
Shahd Alshammari
Elevating Social Status by Racial Passing and White Assimilation:
in George Schuyler’s Black No More
Menia Mohammad Almenia
Dialects on Screen: Translating Jordanian Dialect into English
The Case of Captain Abu Raed Film
Hamza Ethelb
The Effects of the Use of Google Translate on Translation Students’ Learning Outcomes
Reem Alsalem
The Pragmatics of Romance in the First World War’ Poetry
Jinan Kadhim Isma’eel & Rufaidah Kamal Abdulmajeed
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: Maladjustment of Masculine and Feminine Traits as the True Cause of Tragedy
Chatta Bala Swamy , Paturi Madhuri Devi  & Koppada Venugopal
86 -97
Teaching Translation at the university level with Reference to the Department of English, College of Languages, University of Baghdad: Difficulties and
Munthir Manhal Mohammed
98 – 106
Shakespearean Style and Technique in Modern Assamese Drama:
A Study of Reception and Response
Mohammad Rezaul Karim
Errors in Arabic-English Translation among Saudi Students: Comparative Study Between Two Groups of Students
Islam Ababneh
Teacher-Student Relationship in William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker and George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion
Falak Ibrahim Abbas
“And what’s he then that says I play the villain”: Understanding Iago as a Histrionic
Mohammad Wajih J. Alyo
A Critical Exploration of Abbas Ali Aboud’s Novel Rites of Departure
Al Tayeb Al Nasri Mohammed Ahmed Abu Al Ghasim
Uncanny Planes of Menace in Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of Desire
Sahar Abdel Khalek Awad Allah
A Deconstructive  Reading of William Golding ‘s  Lord of the Flies for EFL Learners in the Saudi Context
Usman Shah & Majed  O.  Abahussain
Film as a Tool for Teaching Arabic Cultures
Samar Zahrawi
Toward a Sublime-to-Translate Literary Genre: The Quran Self-explained by Micro- and Macro-stylistic Conventions
Mohammad Amin Hawamdeh
   208- 222

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