AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies Volume, 2 Number 2, May 2018                                          Pp. 1

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Contents 1
  Maintaining Cultural Identity in Translated Literary Texts:
Strategies of Translating Culture-Specific Items in two Arabic plays
Samar Zahrawi
 Restoring West Africa to its Past in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Mary Kingsley’s Travels in West Africa
 17- 39
Effects of a Remedial Linguistic Program to Improve the Translation of Arabic Prepositions by Translators
Reem Ibrahim Rabadi & Haytham Hamad Althawbih
 40 -53
 Chinese Adversative Bèi Passive and Its English Translations in Literary Texts
Lester Zixian LIU
54 -68
 Literature is the Best Tool of Awaking Moral Understanding and Evaluation: Wendell Berry’s The Long-Legged House
Motasim Oglah Almwajeh & Luqman Rababah
69 – 80
 Female Translation Students’ Knowledge and Use of Online Dictionaries and Terminology Data Banks: A Case Study
Nadia Sabbah & Reem Alsalem
 Introducing Short Stories in EFL Classroom to Explore Culturally Diverse Issues
Amina Berrarbi & Abbes Bahous


 Contemporary Verse Drama
Haybat Abdul Samad


 Zayd Mutee Dammaj’s Approach to History in The Hostage
Abdulrahman Mokbel Mahyoub Hezam


 Formulating Western Fiction in Garrett Touch of Texas
Elisabeth Ngestirosa Endang Woro Kasih
 142 -155
 The Ascent of F6: Exceptional Collaborative Case in Poetic Drama

Yahya Saleh Hassan Dahami

 156 -168
 The Strategies in Translating English Metaphors into Thai: A Case Study of the American Novel Percy Jackson
Rachadaporn Mata & Supong Tangkiengsirisin
  169- 186
 The Revival of Translation as a Fifth Skill in the Foreign Language Classroom: A Review of Literature
 Translating English Legal Lexical Features into Arabic: Challenges and Possibilities
Mahmoud Altarabin
 199 -209
 Piecing the Puzzle of the “Shameful Intercourse”: How Polyphony Serves Healing in Caryl Phillips’s Crossing the River
Brahimi Sarra & Maoui Hocine
 210 -218
The Concept of Equivalence in the Age of Translation Technology
Uliana, E.